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Pic. Norman Scott ReedNorman Scott Reed, known by his friends as Scott, is considered by many musicians as a "musician's singer."  Scott was one of New York City's top featured headliners as a Pianist/Singer.

"A relaxed, sensitive and intelligent interpretation of lyrics  combined with trigger timing, perfect pitch and impeccable  phrasing," is one critic's praise of Scott's voice and talent.  "He has a way of bending notes that are so fitting for jazz  vocals and of holding a note long enough to give it the proper place and meaning," says another.

Scott grew up in Sonora, a small town in Northern California.  He was immensely popular as a musician/singer and was the first one in his community to have a recording contract. When he moved to San Francisco, he was featured for more than two years in a club on Geary Street, all the while perfecting his talent and planning for that big trip to New York.

In New York, he immediately was booked in the Marco Polo Lounge "Home of the Mets"  in the Traveler's Hotel at La Guardia Airport. He caught the eye of several critics who wrote articles about his exceptional talent. Landing top engagements in Manhattan, he developed a very large and loyal following.

For years, Scott was one of New York City's top featured headliners. His engagements were often long and in "reservations only" supper clubs. He made Earl Wilson's column and had the honor of being featured weekly in the prestigious New Yorker Magazine.

He moved back to San Francisco and held a very long engagement at the Holiday Inn, Fisherman's Wharf. He has chosen to be out of the limelight in order to devote the necessary time to this project and future projects.

is the result of a solo and truly unique endeavor. Scott has composed all arrangements and played all musical parts on a digital music workstation in real-time recording using a multi-track sequencer. He did the vocals and completely engineered the project through the final mix and digital master. There were no drum machines, preset rhythms, sampling or use of other people's ideas. Scott insisted on an "honest" album that was entirely his. The result is a large production work where the arranger/musician (Scott) and the vocalist (Scott) have a perfect blending.


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